backpacking 0812 157Targeted training and coaching can help employees, managers, and executives achieve innovative results that adapt with changing environments while staying focused on long term goals. The results?

⇒   Passionate attention to what matters most

⇒   Creative, collaborative, internal and external partnerships and

⇒   Adaptable leadership styles

How I can help

⇒   New, experienced, and seasoned managers and administrators have different needs. First-time managers may not yet know how to think about their new role. Experienced managers may be ready to learn about evaluating and developing their staff and handling minor conflicts as they arise. Seasoned managers and administrators have seen enough to dig more deeply into what it means to lead, and are ready to hone their own leadership skills and style.


⇒   Communication is at the heart of effective collaboration. To sustain creative energy and focus, I work with organizations to build and strengthen interdisciplinary teams and foster free-flowing communication and feedback loops within and across divisions. These robust networks enhance alignment and increase the likelihood that individuals and teams will be able to develop creative and innovative solutions to their own or their customer’s challenges.


⇒   Workplace conflict can be a catalyst for creativity, provide an opening to clarifying your vision, or a recipe for disaster. Conflict is unavoidable. What happens next, however, is up to you. It makes sense to help your employees and managers learn how to have “difficult conversations”, to negotiate more effectively, and to reduce the likelihood that conflict will become a drag on productivity, customer relations, or effective governance.


⇒   Effective project management is an art. Skilled project managers do more than just plan, assemble resources, monitor progress, and report results. They bring the organization’s vision and goals to life—one project at a time. By learning more about how they can set new projects up to succeed, your managers will be able to produce better results, on time, and within budget. They will also know what worked and why, and bring better skills to the next project.


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