gears Technology, properly developed and deployed, can boost productivity.

In addition to leading enterprise-wide implementation of new HR, Payroll, and Financial Services solutions, I have led efforts to construct and implement several databases, some of which have been shared across several jurisdictions in the California Courts:

  • A case management database that tracks mediation and arbitration caseloads, automatically generates case management notices, and distributes these notices and reports inside and outside the organization via email. Deployment of the database in Contra Costa allowed the court to maintain its Civil ADR program despite budget cutbacks and staff reductions of more than 30%. Several other California courts took advantage of this technology to achieve the same results in their jurisdictions.
  • A financial tracking database allows project managers throughout the organization to track the status and deliverables associated with whatever contracts, grants, or procurements are associated with their projects or areas of responsibility. This database has now been deployed in several California Courts.
  • Workload and performance database. This database compares monthly performance reports with statewide standards and real-time estimates of available staff to show productivity down to individual units and business locations across the organization. Reports from this database also provide trend information, and inform the allocation of staff and other resources.
  • Other databases I have developed include one for tracking the purchase and placement of print publications, and another that tracks implementation of the organization’s Strategic Plan.


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