Worksheet 4: Checklist of Issues for Your Parenting  Agreement

    1. Existing court documents, orders, or agreements that must be reconsidered or changed to accommodate your new parenting agreement:


    1. Steps you will have to take to resolve legal or religious issues such as divorce, legal separation, etc.:


    1. Any concerns or recommendations made by a counselor, school teacher, therapist, or other interested adult regarding your children’s emotional, spiritual, or physical well-being:


    1. Ways each of you can support your children’s relationship with the other parent:


    1. Ways each parent can help the children address their feelings, reactions, or concerns about the separation or divorce:


    1. Medical issues that may need to be addressed:



    1. Ways to reduce conflict between the parents when negotiating agreements, exchanging the children, and addressing the children’s needs, interests, and activities:


    1. Times when both parents are available to care for children:


    1. Times when only _________can care for children:


Times when only _________can care for children:


Time with other family or friends that should be addressed in the parenting agreement:



Family or friends the children should not spend time (or be alone) with:


Ways domestic violence issues will be addressed:


Other provisions: