backpacking 0812 159Many things can set an organization on edge. Losing a key employee can create huge gaps in institutional knowledge and the ability to get work done. Changing market conditions can force a scramble to retain existing customers or to generate new business. New government regulations can undercut profits by increasing overhead costs. Workplace complaint investigations can strain relationships and make employees over-cautious when making decisions or taking action.

Best-in-class organizations look for opportunity in workplace disruptions, and develop plans for how to prevent future conflict. They invest time and resources to learn everything they can about what else might not be working well, to strengthen relationships with their employees, to make positive adjustments to operational policies and procedures, to send clear messages about acceptable behavior, and to support their employees’ ability to succeed by providing focused training and workforce development.

How I can help

I help organizations to use disruptions creatively. By resisting the impulse to “put Humpty Dumpty together again” too quickly, we can learn a lot about your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities and figure out exactly where to target our efforts. Once we diagnose the underlying factors that are fueling the problem, I will tailor my services to meet your specific needs. I can coach employees or managers, lead team-building exercises, facilitate strategic visioning or planning processes, or provide in-service training in leadership, communication, conflict management, and performance evaluation and mentoring skills.


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