Mimi photoMy leadership philosophy

Leaders are at their best when they are able to articulate a clear vision, excite a passion for pursuing that vision, and support everyone involved to contribute their skills to the effort. I respect the importance of effective leadership enough to have devoted myself to becoming a practitioner in the field. In fact, this was what motivated me to pursue a Ph.D. in Organizational Systems.

I am especially interested in understanding ways to ensure an organization’s structure and culture support the success of the leadership team. This is why I have invested time, energy, study, and expertise into finding ways to make the organizations and systems that I am part of easier places to live, work, and serve others.

My professional interests and personal life are predicated on several core values. These include:

  • A deep commitment to collaborative dialogue and decision-making;
  • A fundamental respect for the individual and his or her ability to contribute to the world;
  • A consistent striving toward excellence;
  • A willingness to be accountable for the energy and impact that my presence has on others; and
  • A nearly unshakable passion for basic justice and fairness.


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