Many parents find it easier to ┬ástay focused during difficult conversations if they prepare ahead of time. The questionnaires you find here can help you organize your thoughts about what matters most to you and what you believe is in your children’s best interests. It can also help you think about ideas that might be acceptable to the other parent, making it easier for the two of you to come up with a plan you can both live with.

Once you get started working on your parenting plan, each of you can go back to certain sections in these questionnaires to stay on track. As appropriate, we will let you know which areas of each questionnaire relate to different parts of the agreement.

  1. Worksheet 1: WKS 1 – Describe your child
  2. Worksheet 2: WKS 2 – Your relationship w child
  3. Worksheet 3: WKS 3 – Adding the details
  4. Worksheet 4: WKS4 – Checklist for parenting plan