word cloudThose who excel at managing projects develop a holistic view of what they are doing. Before putting any plans in place, they take the time to understand what success will look like, why the project matters, and how it will contribute to achieving long term goals and objectives. They build effective teams, gather information from all relevant sources, and they ensure critical stakeholders sign off before anything happens. As the project unfolds, successful project managers monitor predetermined metrics, adjust plans as needed, and ensure that the implementation team stays focused. When the project ends, these managers are able to communicate the results in plain language, understand what worked (or didn’t) and why, and they know what information will be useful the next time around.

I have extensive experience designing and building effective programs. In each instance, I have worked collaboratively with impacted departments, affected organizations, and executive leadership to manage competing or conflicting interests, and know how to work with functional and systems experts, subcontractors, and vendors to make sure the project is implemented as envisioned. As projects become operational, I make sure to keep key stakeholders “in the loop”, and prepare comprehensive, but succinct, progress and final reports.


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