shutterstock_156848789Governance is the process by which decisions about an organization’s purpose, priorities, and policies are made, implemented, and enforced. The most effective organizations ensure that their Board of Directors, CEO, and executive leadership teams are:

⇒   Driven by vision and values

⇒   Curious and informed about performance at all levels of the organization

⇒   Collaborative and mutually supportive

⇒   Open and accountable with each other and with employees

How I can help

After working with all kinds of organizations, I have learned that:

  • It is easier to align people, processes, metrics, and outcomes when an organization’s purpose is clear and its bedrock values are known and enforced.
  • Effective governance teams reduce turn-over, encourage innovation, enhance customer relationships, and remain relevant in changing markets by integrating the diverse interests, skills, and expertise of their workforce and customers.
  • Effective governance teams demand free-flowing communication, question their own assumptions, and regularly assess performance, customer satisfaction, and the external environment.
  • Effective governance models are even-handed, and make a point of ensuring their leaders’ and organization’s actions are consistent with their stated vision and values.


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