2011 Banff backpack and some of Jake 063 In addition to employee and workplace disputes, organizational conflict can show up in the form of dysfunctional teams, poor communication, “missed deadlines”, or lost customers. Some conflicts end well, while others end in a scramble to put ‘Humpty Dumpty’ back together again. Organizations can improve their conflict competence by:

  ⇒   Diagnosing organizational problems accurately

  ⇒   Improving listening, communication, and negotiation skills

  ⇒   Building vibrant information and feedback networks

  ⇒   Telling a compelling story about where the organization is headed

  ⇒   Cultivating a culture of creativity

How I can help

I have mediated hundreds of civil, family, business, and community disputes. I have also worked with a variety of organizations and community groups during strategic planning exercises to develop a vivid sense of what they want to achieve, and practical strategies for making sure they get there. Every mediation or other facilitated discussion is unique, but when it works:

  • Everyone’s perspectives and positions are stated and explained,
  • Participants figure out what is fueling the conflict,
  • Barriers to agreement are addressed effectively, and
  • People stick with the conversation long enough to find creative solutions.


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