Mimi Zemmelman, Ph.D. – Resume

I have more than twenty-five years’ experience working in and with local government, California’s court system, a community hospital district, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. I have helped many organizations articulate a compelling vision, set and achieve measurable goals, cultivate effective teams, and streamline financial and business processes. I can be especially helpful diagnosing organizational problems, identifying solutions, and helping prevent future grievances, disputes, or litigation.

I know where you’re coming from!

⇒   As a leader and member of various Boards and Committees, I know that it is essential for management and staff to understand where their organization is headed, who it serves, and the standards by which work will be measured.

⇒   As an administrator and problem solver, I know that organizational policies and procedures are meaningless unless they are translated into actions that support long term goals and objectives. I also understand the importance of integrating technology solutions to enhance work flow, maximize efficiency and reduce overhead costs.

⇒   As a mediator handling hundreds of civil, family, employment, and community disputes, I know that even the most bitter differences can be bridged by careful listening and close attention to the source of the conflict, and that organizations can develop specific strategies to reduce similar conflict in the future.

⇒   As an educator, I enjoy working with college students and adult learners to gain new skills and see themselves and the world in innovative ways.

⇒   As a community leader, I know that the social fabric can be strengthened by mutual respect, collaborative dialogue, thoughtful decision making, and by providing for those least able to care for themselves.

⇒   As an author and entrepreneur, my book Building a Parenting Agreement that Works (Nolo Press, 8th edition) is part of a larger project to develop and deliver real world solutions for legal and other disputes.


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